Commercial Litigation Does Not Occur Only in Commercial Properties

Whether you have legal disputes in your commercial or residential properties, Asia Valuation is committed to help in legal battle for your valuation matters. Clients often get into legal troubles and need appraisal for their properties when they have issues in repaying high construction loans during bad market or any other title or boundary issues relating to land.

Commercial litigation often involves in high-value properties or multiple properties being valued altogether for litigation purposes. We understand every penny and cents makes a difference to your legal battle.


What Is a Commercial Property Valuation Report?

As a comprehensive assessment on the value of a commercial property, a valuation report will allow an individual or a private investor to determine the value of their commercial real estate including assets of retail, industrial, office, childcare and medical. At Asia Valuation, our professional valuers are here to help build your commercial property valuation report, ensuring all aspects of the assessment being are met. From buying to selling and from and rental determination to acquisition purposes, a commercial property valuation report may be required for various reasons. Rest assured our team in Asia Valuation will ensure your report is completed within your expectations.


Detailed Commercial Property Valuation Reports

Whether you’re located in Melbourne or Sydney, completing a commercial property valuation report can be a complicated and daunting process. At Asia Valuation, our locally based and knowledgeable team of valuers are here to help guide you through this process, ensuring the final report you receive is both accurate and exactly what you require for your circumstance. As Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) and Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), we are passionate about helping all our clients solve their problems by explaining what’s best for you.

How long does a commercial property valuation take?

The time taken for a commercial property valuation can vary depending on the complexity of the property and the availability of necessary data. In general, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. A larger or more outskirt asset will require longer timeframe. Asia Valuation strives to complete valuations efficiently while ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.


What Sets Asia Valuation Apart from Our Competition

In Asia Valuation, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on all our clients’ expectations from start to finish. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Asia Valuation for your next commercial property valuation report:

  • Client-focused, transparent and upfront approach.
  • We update our clients along the process of valuation to ensure we meet the expectations and submit the report on time.
  • Communicate via WeChat to make sure voice messages in different languages are expressed and exchanged explicitly.
  • Submission of reports to our clients can be done via by email or WeChat.
  • Close connections with commercial real estate agents for latest market data evidence.
  • Multi-lingual CPV qualified valuers in Australia speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

How We Can Assist You with Your Commercial Property Valuation Report in Hong Kong or China

With strong connections in the foreign valuation market, we have seen a soaring demand for immigration works from both immigration lawyers and private clients. At Asia Valuation, our team can value your properties by engaging foreign chartered surveyors (MRICS) who know their local market, providing you with accurate valuation data for your foreign assets.

Expert Assistance for Valuation Reports in Melbourne & Sydney

Let the team here at Asia Valuation guide you through the process for your commercial property valuation report, ensuring you receive the most accurate valuations for your property.

Please give us a call on 0415 920 277 for a hassle-free and fully tailored experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process involved in a commercial property valuation report?

A commercial property valuation report involves a comprehensive assessment of the commercial property’s value, considering factors such as location, size, condition, market trends, income potential, and comparable sales. Professional valuers analyse data, conduct site inspections, and provide a detailed report with an accurate valuation.

Why do investors need a commercial valuation report?

A commercial property valuation report provides investors with valuable insights into the worth of their real estate assets. It helps them make an informed decision regarding property investments, financing options, property tax planning, financial reporting, and asset management strategies.

What is Rental Determination?

Rental determination is a type of valuation assessment mainly involving in direct comparison approach. This type of valuation arises when there are disputes between landlords and tenants in mostly commercial properties such as retail and industrial facilities.

How we help in commercial valuation?

In Asia Valuation, our valuers possessed the expertise and skills to solve our clients’ issues with their commercial properties in an innovative and transparent way. We adhere to industry standards, ensuring accurate and unbiased valuation reports. We understand their underlying concerns before receiving the utmost instructions.

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Development Feasibility
  • Valuation of $20 million for medium-rise residential development known as ‘Ivy Apartments The Entrance’ in New South Wales.
  • Valuation of $12 million for high-rise mixed use development, Commercial Zone 1 development site in Box Hill, Victoria.

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Compensation and Acquisition
  • Valuation of $30 million for B7 zoned development site in Potts Hill, New South Wales.
  • Valuation of $8.5 million for R4 zoned mixed use development site in Blakehurst, New South Wales.
  • Suburban Rail Loop Project of Victoria for residential and commercial properties.

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Commercial Litigation
  • Portfolio Valuations of total net assets of $9 million mansions in Castle Hill and Oatley, New South Wales, in relation to dispute resolution between corporate entities.
  • Portfolio Valuations of both local and foreign properties in Shanghai and Melbourne, acting as Expert Witness in the Supreme Court of Victoria for a high-net-worth individual.

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Rental Determination
  • Tender of a historical commercial building including its basement car parking, known as ‘Hong Kong House’ in Sydney, from the Hong Kong Government.

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Valuation of Foreign Properties for Immigration
  • Valuations of Apartments in Hong Kong and mainland China for immigration purposes in relation to business visa subclass 188 and 888.
  • Valuations of foreign consulate buildings as commercial properties in Australia for statutory internal reporting purposes.

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Prestige Residential
  • Portfolio valuations of total net assets of $12 million for 3 residential properties including the largest mansion in Olinda, Victoria, for tax purposes.
  • Portfolio valuations of total net assets of $4 million for 4 residential properties worth in Hurstville, New South Wales for tax purposes.

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