API is locally accredited and RICS is internationally recognised. Safe and sound without doubt.

Asia Valuation
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About Us

Asia Valuation is one of largest Chinese property valuation firms in Australia. We are trusted by corporate institutions, property developers, governments, and local communities to act for their valuation matters. We advised multidisciplinary sectors including industrial, office, retail, residential and medical.

We are known for our valuation and consulting expertise with a touch of culture. Our valuation experts strive to solve complex valuation problems from day to day. Our mission is to create unique value for our clients in their decision-making process.

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Discover one of the Largest Chinese Property Valuation Firms in Australia

Asia Valuation has become one of the largest Chinese property valuation firms in Australia with 2 offices over Melbourne and Sydney and 1 partner office in Hong Kong. The firm is driven to provide a competitive edge in both residential and commercial property valuation catering to the local Chinese in Australia. The firm is armed with qualified valuers who are well-versed in speaking Mandarin and Cantonese to the clients. The ability to practice in multilingualism has greatly improved the revenue of the firm.

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled valuers have successfully provided solutions to clients who have complex valuation issues, namely in the job scope of ‘development feasibility’ where the Chinese clients need to explain a lot about where they are coming from and the stories or ‘financial position’ about their projects. Asia Valuation has proved its legacy in the world of Valuation.


Why Choose Asia Valuation for Your Property Valuation Services

At Asia Valuation, we pride ourselves in demonstrating client-focused and transparent approach while dealing with valuation matters. Here are a few reasons why our clients choose us:

  • Competitive edge and high efficiency in the delivery of valuation reports.
  • Our commitment in ensuring excellent quality valuation reports, tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.
  • An experienced team of CPV and MRICS professionals, adept in various languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin and English.
  • Strong connections in the foreign valuation markets, including Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen and Macau, allow us to cater to the soaring demand for immigration valuation works, both locally and internationally.
  • Expertise in a wide range of property valuation services.

Premium Property Valuation Services in the Industry

We believe that our clients deserve nothing but the most professional service from Asia Valuation. All our qualified valuers can speak mandarin during inspection which help our Chinese clients to explain themselves. We also provide a timely and detailed valuation reports which suit our clients’ needs. As an innovative startup, we use WeChat as a communication platform to communicate with our clients and get the documents exchanged.

Get in Touch with The Asia Valuation Team Today!

Give us a call at 0415 920 277 or submit an inquiry via sales@asia-valuation.com.au now.

Frequently asked questions

When people need a property valuation report?

People need valuation reports for different reasons. Property valuation is essential for making informed decisions for property owners relating to buying, selling, financing, investing, developing projects and for other legal matters.

What is the top-notch property valuation service in Asia Valuation?

Property valuation for tax purpose plays an important role in Asia Valuation. Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty are the two most frequent services in our firm. We help our clients to assess market value and retrospective value for their properties when they plan to sell or had sold their properties. They also need a valuation report for stamp duty purpose during an internal family transfer when transferring a property to the name of another family member in Certificate of Title.

Can each property valuation report fit two purposes?

No. Even our priority at Asia Valuation is to provide customised valuation reports for our client but we have to comply with the valuation standards in the industry set by Australian Property Institute (API) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), each valuation report only fits one purpose. More specifically, you CANNOT use valuation reports which catered for capital gains tax purpose for alternative use, such as stamp duty. This will result in a rejection of valuation assessment from Australian Tax Office (ATO) or State Revenue Office (SRO).

How does the qualified valuers in Asia Valuation ensure relevant and up-to-date market knowledge?

Our qualified valuers are obliged to fulfil their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points annually from their relevant bodies, for both API and RICS. They must attend seminars and courses or networking events to attain minimum 20 points per annum. These CPD points aimed to improve and update market knowledge of valuers along their journey of valuation. They horn their specialisation depending on areas of interest.

What is the validity of each valuation report?

The validity of each valuation report lasts for 3 months. Due to the fluctuation of market movement or unpredictable physical changes in the subject property, certified practising valuers need to re-inspect your property for accurate market assessment. The Supreme Courts will reject your valuation reports if the date of inspection in the valuation assessment is found to be more than 3 months.

How we seal the deal in Asia Valuation?

Once we received written instructions from clients, a legally binding contract is formed between our firm and the client. Upon confirmation of a valuation work between two parties, the client will need to pay full amount of valuation fee prior to the inspection works. Our Certified Practising Valuers then inspect and write up the valuation report.

For more complex valuation works such as development feasibility studies, we execute an engagement letter to summarise scope and purpose plus terms and conditions, and demand 50% of non-refundable deposit from client prior to undertaking property inspection.


Every team member in Asia Valuation received sufficient postgraduate educational qualification and practical valuation experience. We believed having proper accreditations from API and RICS are a necessity to deliver high quality valuation reports. One talent doing a thing is our mission.

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Joe Stinear
Associate Director | Melbourne, Australia
Stephanie Wang
Senior Valuer | Melbourne, Australia
Clarissa Ngoh
CEO and Managing Director
Lawrence Chan
Valuation Partner | Hong Kong & Mainland of China
Sharon Lee
Valuation Partner | China
Scott Rossi
Senior Valuer | Sydney, Australia
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Development Feasibility
  • Valuation of $18 million for the project development of 4 multi-storey luxurious townhouses, The Lune at Black Rock, Victoria.
  • Valuation of the ‘Addition of a New Community Hall’ as a commercial building in Devon Meadows, Victoria.
  • Valuation of $20 million for medium-rise residential development known as ‘Ivy Apartments The Entrance’ in New South Wales.
  • Valuation of $12 million for high-rise mixed use development, Commercial Zone 1 development site in Box Hill, Victoria.

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Compensation and Acquisition
  • Valuation of $30 million for B7 zoned development site in Potts Hill, New South Wales.
  • Valuation of $8.5 million for R4 zoned mixed use development site in Blakehurst, New South Wales.
  • Suburban Rail Loop Project of Victoria for residential and commercial properties.

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Commercial Litigation
  • Portfolio Valuations of total net assets of $9 million mansions in Castle Hill and Oatley, New South Wales, in relation to dispute resolution between corporate entities.
  • Portfolio Valuations of both local and foreign properties in Shanghai and Melbourne, acting as Expert Witness in the Supreme Court of Victoria for a high-net-worth individual.

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Rental Determination
  • Tender of a historical commercial building including its basement car parking, known as ‘Hong Kong House’ in Sydney, from the Hong Kong Government.

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Valuation of Foreign Properties for Immigration
  • Valuations of Apartments in Hong Kong and mainland China for immigration purposes in relation to business visa subclass 188 and 888.
  • Valuations of foreign consulate buildings as commercial properties in Australia for statutory internal reporting purposes.

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Prestige Residential
  • Portfolio valuations of total net assets of $12 million for 3 residential properties including the largest mansion in Olinda, Victoria, for tax purposes.
  • Portfolio valuations of total net assets of $4 million for 4 residential properties worth in Hurstville, New South Wales for tax purposes.

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History of the Firm

Asia Valuation is headed up by Clarissa Ngoh, She gained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from University of South Australia in 2015. After 3 years of gaining bachelor’s degree in Adelaide, she gained a Masters of Property from RMIT in 2017. With a strong interest in business and thirst of knowledge, Clarissa has catapulted her valuation skillset with an MBA from Kaplan Business School in 2022.

After a decade of gaining academic qualification, Clarissa also had a handful of practical valuation experience from the world-renowned real estate advisory firm known as JLL prior to setting up Asia Valuation. While working as a property valuer in other valuation firms, she realised that there is an ongoing and strong valuation demand in Sydney and Melbourne where most clients in certain growing suburbs could not speak nor understand English. As a result, they can barely get their valuation done due to the limited proficiency in getting their message across. 

This language barrier is even more distinct in the areas of development feasibility and family law, where the Chinese clients need to explain their circumstances or hardship to get a valuation. In other instances, some Chinese clients will even need to approach other Chinese brokers who can speak Mandarin to get their refinances. 

As of today, Asia valuation has significantly grown because of its relentless demand in valuation. The firm has successfully attracted the local and global clients to attend to their complex problems. Asia Valuation has helped the local and foreign clients in valuing their property development projects and high-profile commercial litigation matters.

Property Valuation Services – Knowledge is Power

Asia Valuation provides high quality property valuation services with wide national coverage areas in and outside Australia. We have certified practising valuers who share their knowledge and offer solutions to problems for our clients in valuation matters. This advisory firm offers valuation services in multidisciplinary sectors including industrial, office, retail, residential and medical.

Asia valuation specialises in delivering valuation reports for various purposes. Our invaluable practice areas including acquisition, disposal, development feasibility, commercial litigation, tax and immigration. We believe knowledge is power when it transforms issues into protection.  

Client-Focused, Independent and Transparent – Property Valuation Company

Asia Valuation advises the full range of valuation services. We deliver property valuation reports with high efficiency without compromising highest quality. We understand and listen to your problems before providing solutions. We are upfront about what we can offer and how we can help. We help our clients to the fullest, so they are well-informed and make their best commercial decisions.

To ensure the efficiency in the local and international scale, we appointed Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) and Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) from widespread geographical locations to undertake every valuation work from inspection to report-writing. These ‘industry recognised’ valuation experts provide independent valuation advise for your assets.

To demonstrate our fully integrated services, the valuation reports delivered by our firm are highly independent and efficient. We take pride in embracing cultural diversity and communicating our expertise in your languages. We believe transparency and efficiency are true success to our business.

MRICS from Mainland China and Hong Kong

Our firm has appointed prestigious Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) from Hong Kong and Mainland of China. These ‘industry recognised’ experts provide high quality valuation reports for immigration law purposes. In essence, Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia only accept MRICS qualification for valuation reports of immigration purposes. The underlying reason is due to their valuable local valuation experience within Mainland of China and Hong Kong.

We only appoint valuers and chartered surveyors who are familiar with the market in where they are centrally located. They also possess multi-lingual language ability including Cantonese and Mandarin. This will certainly give you a hassle-free experience without any language barriers.

Multi-Lingual CPV Qualified Valuers Based in Australia

Asia Valuation have appointed multi-lingual qualified valuers in Sydney and Melbourne who are well-versed in speaking Mandarin. They are proficient in speaking Mandarin, which may be helpful for clients who prefer to discuss their problems in their native language other than English.

How We Excel in the Foreign Market

We have strong connections in the foreign valuation market, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Guang Zhou and Macau. As a property valuation advisory firm, we have a soaring demand for immigration valuation works. In the immigration line, we have private clients such as immigration lawyers and corporate institutions such as a local consulate in Australia, who need the valuation works in residential and commercial properties. They need to declare their net assets locally and internationally.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity creates talents and opportunities. We draw on different experiences to shape us into a better valuation advisory firm.

When we create a friendly and inclusive workplace, we support people from all walks of life to perform their best. We can rely on their strengths and better work performance which transform into a high performing valuation company. We focus on the following key areas of diversity and inclusion:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Disability Inclusion
  • Gender Equality
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Independent Property Valuation Reports

Our property valuation reports are highly detailed and recognised by the valuation industry. Our team will ensure that the independent valuation report is fully tailored to suit your specific needs.

The Premium and Independent Valuation Report of your Property

The fundamental values of Asia Valuation are simple: We are one of the largest Chinese valuation firms in Australia with young and vibrant dynamic. We like plain language while delivering our services. We connect and advice you in a way that isn’t just a one-size-fits-all answer.

Our certified practising valuers provide valuable and independent opinions about your property that fits your circumstances. Our team has a relaxed but confident attitude that comes from their rich experience. We avoid jargon and tolerate zero ambiguity in the delivery of our valuation reports.

Asia Valuation can provide fully independent valuation advice for your property. Here are a few reasons why our clients choose us:

  • An experienced team of CPV and MRICS professionals, adept in various languages, including Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Strong connections in the foreign valuation markets, including Hong Kong, Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen and Macau, allow us to cater to the soaring demand for immigration valuation works, both locally and internationally.
  • Competitive-edge specialisation including acquisition, dispoal, development feasibility and commercial litigation.
  • Other expertise in a wide range of property valuation services including family law and immigration law.