Clarissa Ngoh
CEO and Managing Director

Clarissa founded the firm after gaining 6 years of valuation experience in Melbourne and Sydney, practising valuation of diverse asset classes including industrial, office, retail, childcare and residential. She worked in numerous large agencies before setting up Asia Valuation. One of the top tier valuation firms she worked was JLL.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from University of South Australia in 2015 and Master of Property in Valuation from RMIT in 2017. With her strong passion in business, she obtained an MBA from Kaplan Business School in 2021.

Clarissa oversees the team and provides strategic direction for the firm. Her main responsibilities ranged from having negotiation with clients for larger projects to managing clients’ expectations, and from reinforcing business development to drafting engagement letters and proposal plans, ensuring smooth delivery of valuation works. Clarissa solidifies the reliability of the team and enhances the satisfaction level of every client. Clarissa has also successfully attracted many talents who saw the opportunities and rewards for working with Asia Valuation.

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